It filtering! So it looks like the interior of the next generation of the Porsche Panamera

This image that presides over this article corresponds to interior of the Porsche Panamera second-generation. His presentation to the press and public is imminent, but it has not been your body or aesthetic details that have been leaked to whet your appetite. Is a photo of your interior, your driving position. What has changed in the sedan from Porsche? For a start, the Porsche Panamera has lost many buttons and has earned clean lines. But, what will convince the more purists?

The steering wheel jumps from the 911 to the saloon. Features a “manettino” as a selector driving modes.

first of all, we must take with a pinch of salt, this leak, originated on Instagram. It could be a recreation or even a Photoshop created with the aim of mislead sniffers like us. What more flame the attention of the cockpit is the new screen – yes, style tablet – who presides over the dashboard of the vehicle. It seems that touch will be, and will be accompanied by connectivity of last generation, as well as integration of smartphones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

porsche_panamera_edition_interior_DM_1On these lines, the current interior of the Porsche Panamera.

Also I’m surprised the lack of buttons on the center console. Porsche we had become accustomed to a considerable entry device. While we loved it, admittedly, was not the most ideal in terms of usability, especially for “profane” of the brand. Be that as it may, buttons have been replaced by a touch-sensitive surface, about which I have my reservations: your haptic is not comparable to a button, and in addition will get dirty with ease, forcing a soft cloth each time to keep its luster.

In terms of instrumentation, it seems that is retained, in part, the analog character of Porsche. What I see in the clock centered on the dashboard and a cuentavueltas central analog. But I doubt with the rest of the watches. Could well be TFT screens, embedded in the traditional five areas of Porsche. We already know that analog clocks are on the verge of extinction, but I never thought that my prophecy would take so little to be met. And what do you think to you this new interior?

At least we already have the certainty that will be associated with a new V8 turbo.