It filtering! The new Mercedes E Class 2016 is uncovered, ahead of time, in 32 photographs

Although its official presentation is planned for the next week, the first images of the new Mercedes-Benz a-Class And 2016 have been leaked before time. The luxury sedan German just uncover on the internet, as we will see in a few months at dealerships, and on the street. With very few surprises. With a line that keeps the ways of his predecessor, a front with a big grill and the star in the center, well outstanding. With a lag behind more rounded and modern, especially for details such as the headlights MULTIBEAM LED and the design of the rear headlights.

The Mercedes E-Class by design, interior and exterior, will be more than ever a place intermediate between the classes C and S, although we dare say that a lot more similar to this last that his little brother. We have already seen how Mercedes-Benz had adopted for the Class And the design of a dual-screen, for the entertainment equipment in the center, and the instrumentation on the driver’s side, as we saw in its big brother, the s Class. Although the versions of access shall continue to enjoy instrumentation analog and center console digital. We had also seen how the quality of the materials and the finishes, at least for the visual impression of the photographs, has reached new heights of luxury and distinction, which are closer to the S Class than the Class C.

Are details that serve to celebrate, waiting for its official presentation, that what we see in direct and, of course, try him. We also know that the E-Class will become the new flagship technology of Mercedes-Benz, with 9 technologies very futuristic, as a sort of auto-pilot, or even the possibility to park from a mobile phone, which will debut for the first time in a Mercedes-Benz.

In a few days we will know the rest of the details of this new Mercedes-Benz a-Class And 2016.

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