It filtering! The new Mercedes SL 2016, with all luxury of details, in 32 images

Goodbye surprise! The Mercedes-Benz SL 2016, the brand new roadster German luxury, ought to be presented the next week, in the Hall of Los Angeles. In any case, it seems that there has been a few days, thanks to a leak early on which practically we can see it as the engineers and designers of Stuttgart brought to the world. And it presents us with their finest. In their versions Mercedes-AMG eight-and twelve-cylinder.

A preview of already allows us to verify that this new Mercedes-Benz SL boasts a new grille, a design of defenses, more aggressive and, of course, a few new headlights LED Intelligent Light System with daytime running lights built-in allow you to dispense with this in the air inlets lower.

To view these images, what not in doubt is that it will continue to be marketed in version Mercedes-AMG and with two flavors. Until now recall that we offered a Mercedes SL 63 AMG with V8 engine and 585 HP, and a Mercedes SL 65 AMG with engine V12 and 630 HP. It will also continue to be marketed with a V8 engine to a more modest, and a V6 engine access.



On board, as you’ll have seen that there are also innovations, such as the premiere of a new scorecard, a team of entertainment more sophisticated and new insertions and details of finish, and lighting, which will make your environment more luxurious and technological.

In a few days we will know all the details of the new roadster German. Meanwhile, enjoy these 32 images.

Via: Worldcarfans