It filtering! This is the new Mercedes SLC, a SLK that has passed through the plastic surgeon

Mercedes SLC will be presented imminently, possibly at the Detroit motor show, in less than a month. Even talk of new SLC, it really is a facelift of the current Mercedes SLK, which was launched into the market about three years ago. As expected, it has been leaked to the Internet without any camouflage whatsoever, so that we can make ourselves to the idea. I feel sorry for those who were looking for radical innovations: new Mercedes SLC is a SLK has passed for the plastic surgeon, ordering an face and back inspired by the AMG-GT.

the official presentation of The Mercedes SLC could happen very soon, with his first public appearance in Detroit.

All models of Mercedes are becoming more similar to each other. As all the brands are doing, unify their brand image in pursuit of a greater commercial recognition. The image of the SLK was out of date with respect to other offers of the range Mercedes, on an aesthetic level. The front of SLC is very similar to the new Mercedes SL, which in turn was inspired by the AMG-GT. That is to say, we have a great calender of oblong shape, optics, organic forms and technology LED, united to a redesigned front bumper.

At the rear of the Mercedes SLC there are also changes with respect to the previous SLK, focusing again on the design of the optical LED and the bumper, closest to the Mercedes today than a few years ago. New colors and new wheels guarnecen the rest of the tissue of the range. Between front and behind – if we look at the profile of the car – is where we see that this is a face wash deep SLK. And it is not something bad, it retains its retractable hard top, a premium image and we hope your version AMG.

it Is known that there will be a SLC 450, whose engine 3.0 V6 twin-turbo will develop 367 HP of power.

again, call me carca, but Mercedes SLK 55 AMG was the only vehicle in the current range of cars Mercedes in to continue using an atmospheric V8 5.5 liters, and a power of 421 HP. Consumption approved was more than correct thanks to a system of disconnection part of the vehicle. AMG has declared in danger of extinction, its block V8 of 5.5 liters, and it is possible that the new Mercedes SLC 55 AMG – or SLC 63 AMG, do not know how to call you – use a V8 Biturbo engine of smaller displacement and power output similar or a little higher.

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