It filtering! This is the Toyota C-HR: opponent more fierce for the Nissan Juke also speaks japanese

we had No doubts. The Toyota C-HR we are not going to disappoint. It is a compact crossover, a hard rival for the Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Juke. It also comes from Japan, and has the battery very charged. It is possibly the bet more risky than the current Toyota. Your image is really modern, aggressive and full of angles. With wheels of good size, seems to be a utility full of steroids, who has been in the gym for “mashing”. To know more about the Toyota C-HR, a winning bet of its segment.

Is very similar to the prototype presented by Toyota last year, surprisingly faithful to your strokes aggressive.

The leaked images by just let us see more than just the body of this crossover. we do Not have data or technical measures, but I guess that the official presentation will not take long to arrive. Of your front I calls attention to its optical so torn and her small calender of plastic. But this zone pales in comparison with his side profile, that seems straight out of a comic book, manga. The sinuous lateral line ends in a huge spoiler located above a drop ceiling very generous.

toyota-ch-r-2016i-2But impresses me more by the back door, and in particular the situation of the shooter, almost touching the roof of the car. Will have a visibility interior pretty terrible, but in terms of design it is possibly the crossover more aggressive in the segment. I am afraid that the Nissan Juke has just lost the crown of “king of the design is risky.” Take a look at the optics in the shape of a boomerang. They remind Me slightly of the Honda HR-V, another of its main competitors in the segment most important and profitable of the continent.

Soon we will know more details of this crossover vitaminado, although we expect a range of engines without surprises, of up to about 150 HP power, hybrid version. Its exterior dimensions seem about 4,25 meters and is an ideal candidate for a three-door version. If we follow this step, the compact crossover will devour them with potatoes in the C-segment traditional. Personally, between this machine and a Toyota Auris would have no doubts. Only for the risky and striking that it is the CH-R, it becomes my clear winner.


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