It filters the Aston Martin DB11, the latest from Gaydon

Aston Martin DB11 vista frontalAston Martin takes time to move forward little by little its latest model, the Aston Martin DB11. The new sports of the brand was to be presented tomorrow on the Geneva motor show as a replacement for the Aston Martin DB9, but it has been impossible to keep the secret until the last moment and have been leaked to the network the first four images of the Aston Martin DB11.

This new Aston Martin DB11 will be the first model from the british firm to benefit from the agreements of collaboration in technology between Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG. It is not known up to that point have collaborated the germans. From what little is known with certainty of the Aston Martin DB11 is that fitting a V12 biturbo engine of 5.2 liters of displacement, compared to the V12 naturally aspirated 6.0-liter and 517 hp DB9. The new engine should offer a performance and consumptions better than those of his predecessor.

Aston Martin DB11 vista traseraIn terms of their appearance, the Aston Martin DB11 uses some key already seen prototypes of the brand. The ceiling in silver is clearly a nod to the Aston Martin DBX, not just because of the color, but also for that feeling of floating roof at the rear. Alloy wheels, for their part, are identical to those of the Aston Martin DB10 James Bond. Despite innovate in its design, the large front grille and the shape of the rear headlights make this new coupe is easily recognizable as an Aston Martin.

To know all the details about the Aston Martin DB11 we will have to wait until tomorrow, when the last sport of the of Gaydon to make his debut before the public and the press at the Geneva motor show.

Aston Martin DB11 vista frontal
Aston Martin DB11 vista lateral
Aston Martin DB11 vista lateral
Aston Martin DB11 vista trasera

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