It filters the engine range of the Alfa Romeo Giulia

We got to know the engines that will be used by the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. The options will depart from the 150-hp diesel JTDm, whereas the petrol will start from the 200 hp. Some versions have three boxes of change different.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-QVLa range of engines available for the new Alfa Romeo Giulia has been filtered through the Internet. At the moment the only engine known was the one corresponding to the stronger version, the thruster 510 horsepower corresponding to the Quadrifoglio Verde.

But the full range of motors has been disclosed today by Autoevolution, thanks to the information from a page of Facebook called Alfa Romeo Project 952. It is clear that the largest volume of sales does not correspond to the QV, but the units equipped with engines more modest and especially the diesel.

Within the diesel, the range starts com a JTDm 2.2 litres versions of 150 HP, 180 HP and 210 HP, in conjunction with a manual change of six marches or a transmisiĆ³n automatic ZF eight relations.

The options of petrol will be based on the family of turbo engines Global Medium Engine with block of four cylinders, 2.2 liters of displacement, in powers of 200 HP, 250 HP and 280 HP, in all cases associated with the automatic change of eight marches, and in versions of 250 and 280 horses will be the possibility to equip the system awd with differential Torsen.

it Is believed that in the future we will also be offering the same engine with a power of 330 hp, in addition to possible turbo diesel biturbo V6 engine with 340 hp, in addition of course of the versions Quadrifogliio Green with the biturbo engine V6 source Ferrari with 510 horsepower, which may be associated both to a manual transmission 6 relationships, as to a 7-speed automatic with double clutch, or an automatic 8 gears.