It filters the powerful and varied range of engines for Alfa Romeo Giulia

Is just filter to the Internet the range of engines that will have the future Alfa Romeo Giulia. Has been a page of Facebook called Alfa Romeo Project 952 which has revealed the full range of engines of Giulia in the european market. Although we only know their sport version Quadrifoglio Verde of 510 HP, the bulk of sales will correspond to versions of the diesel and gasoline of powers and prices more moderate. We already know that the access engine will be a 2.2 JTDm turbodiesel 150 CV but, what more do we offer?

The automatic gearbox of eight relations is the well-known ZF torque converter, an excellent box.

In the range diesel – where are the powers most moderate of the range – it all started with the aforementioned JTDm 150 HP and a manual gearbox of six relations. The same engine 2.2 JTDm will also be in powers of 180 HP and 210 HP. An automatic gearbox ZF eight relations will be associated optionally to this turbo Euro6 in all its versions, and will be the only option in the diesel most powerful of the range. All in all, it raises a much more interesting range of gasoline, all of it turboalimentada.


The range of gasoline is expressed in a new family of modular engines of four cylinders and two liters. Called Global Medium Engine, and will be available at launch with powers of 200 HP, 250 HP and 280 HP, all of them associated to the automatic gearbox of eight relations. The two powerful versions will have the possibility to equip a all-wheel drive system on the basis of a differential Torsen. Amazed by the absence of gearboxes manuals petrol engines of two liters.

By the time has not been confirmed, a diesel six-cylinder with 300 HP of power.

The source rumored that they are also planning a version of 330 HP of this engine to two litres. It is also not displayed in the listing of a course 3.0 V6 turbo with 340 HP and double turbocharging, which would be announced in the second half of 2016. We will take you with a pinch of salt this ad for the moment. The range is completed with the versions Quadrifoglio Verde, where there are some developments at the level of transmissions. All of them share the interesting engine 2.9 V6 twin turbo source Ferrari-Maserati.


This engine will be available with three gearboxes: the manual gearbox of six relations, an automatic gearbox of double clutch and seven relations, and an automatic gearbox of eight relations. In this latter case, the Ferrari engine delivers 490 HP versus 510 HP of the other two cases. Perhaps this is due to that box ZF is the limit of the torque and power output supported. The Alfa Romeo Giulia in their versions more rational will be presented at the next Geneva, in march of 2016.

Source: autoevolution
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