It happened in Russia: the worst way to tow a car (video)

Say that sometimes it is worse the remedy than the disease. Probably this saying is applicable to this story, a Fiat Brava that ended up caught in a flood caused by a break in the sewer in Moscow. It is likely that you’re thinking that you’ve had a bad day when your car is swallowed up by the asphalt, and ends up trapped in a sewer surrounded by water, and have to call the authorities for you to recover. But just at the moment that a truck you try to rescue your car you will notice that your day will be worse than you imagined.

when towing a vehicle it is essential to do so with the machinery and by appropriate means, and pin the straps and the straps with which he remolcarás in the right place. The fact that you have been trapped in the mine shaft caused by a breakage of the sewer and the strength with which this truck tried to drag the car out of the tunnel, not only were not enough to solve the problem, but that ended up splitting in two the car, pushing your rear axle.

Your owner now tries to get the moscow authorities will compensate for having destroyed their car (360tv).

So now you know, if you thought that you had had a bad day, remember that this muscovite was much worse. If you start the day and you think you’re having a bad day, pray for your day not get any worse.

Via: Jalopnik
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