It happened in Russia: two children dig a tunnel to escape and go to a Jaguar dealer

This is possibly the craziest story you will encounter today and is worthy to occupy the cover of “The World Today” although, comes from The Guardian and we serve it on a plate ABC d hildren have escaped your daycare digging a tunnel … and have direct to a Jaguar dealer to buy a sporty British firm


The story is certainly worthy of the best advertising campaign of the British firm.

This particular “Great Escape” without Steve McQueen has happened in Russia and leaves us with two children, for days, planned and implemented an excavation that would take them from one side of the fence from his nursery to freedom and this freedom to a Jaguar dealer nearby.

There they were. After fleeing from his nursery, after crossing over a kilometer they were against the Jaguar dealership, presumably in a good pair of Jaguar F-Type, perhaps before the face of the Jaguar XJ willing, no money to buy a Jaguar.

The adventure lasted them little. A lady saw them and to the picture of two boys against the Jaguar dealer asked later to be transferred to a police station.

Beyond the story beyond the comic picture of two children planning an escape to buy a Jaguar let’s stay with the hope of history: petrolheads there are still children who dream of driving sports, as we , years ago, we dream too .

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