It improve your driving can be fun! So was the Volkswagen Race Tour 2017

What is the Volkswagen Race Tour? Well, this event organized by vw, has the purpose of improving our driving and, indirectly, road safety. We will be able to test several models of the brand in several scenarios, offroad, a circuit buzzard and, on this occasion, the mythical layout of the Circuit of Jarama. I tell you how it was the day in the path of madrid.

Nothing more to start at 9 in the morning, we sit in a chair to tell us about innovations and sales figures, performance, and traffic accidents, accompanied by two figures of weight as are Andy Soucek and Luis Moya. Without a doubt, this part is probably the most boring, but at the same time, interesting. At this point of the day, the head is already thinking of driving the Golf GTI 230 CV the layout of the Circuit of the Jarama or to prove the Touareg by the ramps located on the outside of the same. But, for the moment, it touches listen to the lessons and anecdotes of the teachers.

after finishing the briefing and the talk of the components of the brand, tap test the electrical. And what do you want that I tell you, test a GTE in a circuit that may not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but in the end you end up with a smile on your face when you see what they’ve evolved hybrids.

With the same chassis as a Golf conventional, the GTE has more poise in the track and, although it is not as fast as a GTI on long, straight, torque makes you go out catapulted the curves of the Jarama. An experience that we can only try at this kind of events of the German mark, not to be that we possess a Golf GTE, of course.

After trying hybrids and the e-Golf, touch one of the most impressive of the day: orffroad with the Volkswagen Tiguan and Touareg. It is amazing how they defend themselves like moles for ramps up to any of us it would cost us to raise.

Shod with snow tires Continental, we were able to test the system HDC in both models, and it is a feeling of power and control in equal parts. The car behaves in a way noble at all times, without making strange. It is so easy, that a person -as is my case – that has never tried this kind of experiences out of track, it may seem to a professional.

And to end the Volkswagen Race Tour, but not the least, comes the turn of the Golf GTI and R Volkswagen, the fastest cars of its range. I’m going to be honest, although the Golf R is a missile, which will catapult to the exit of each curve thanks to its all-wheel drive 4Motion, I’ll stick with the GTI. It is difficult to find thrilling sensations in a front-wheel-drive modern, but the Golf GTI of this year, with its digital speedometer built in, it is fun and playful, the pair controllable. Do not do anything that you don’t ask, and if it gets out of control, the sensors will help us to correct the lines.

in Addition to the 4 laps that we have been able to give between the two models, there is no doubt that to thank the monitors who at all times were by improving our technique in the circuit and explaining the features of the car. So it is good.

we Encourage all those who want to spend a great morning, whether it be testing cars or learning how to use them, and lead them, that is aimed at this type of events, Volkswagen, and other brands. There is No doubt that it is a good way to become a better driver in the day-to-day.

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