It is a unique specimen: Abarth 1000 Balbiero Record Car of Pininfarina up for auction


Come the summer about one of the most prestigious events and
multitudinous of the world of the classics,
the big week
, where not only will be exposed to some of the jewels
classic more appreciated, in addition will also take place some of
the most important auctions of the year for that reserve the
models most famous and quoted, as is the case of this rare and
Abarth 1000 Bialbero Record Car.

affectionately called ‘La Principessa’ resentado
in the 42nd Salon of Turin in 1960, and
developed jointly
by Abarth and Carrozzeria Pininfarina
with the sole reason to beat
speed records, that is to say, to be the machine faster on the
earth, at least within its category. Which was the
perfection, since
managed to beat nine world records.
As were the 10,000 miles with an average speed of
191,03 km/h, or 72 hours in a row to an average of 186,68 km/h.

impressive for a vehicle that had a small motor
in-line four cylinder of only 1.0 liter, but that it had
a power of 106 horsepower at 8,000 rpm, which were transmitted to the
rear axle for a manual gearbox of four relations.

history of this strange artifact begins with the studies
aerodynamic that Fiat and Abarth developed in conjunction with
Bertone in 1956, after which they went to Pininfarina for
develop two new prototypes using the wind tunnel that
available to the Polytechnic of Turin. The result of these studies
the futuristic and aerodynamic sedan Pininfarina X, and this
streamlined Streamliner
, studied both to equip only blocks
small cylinder, mounted in racks Fiat and
Carrozzeria Pininfarina clothed them with these stylish and aerodynamic
suit of aluminum, hand-drawn.


Also called Abarth Monoposto da Record, had only 1.2 meters high,
with a width of 1.55 and a length of 4,56 meters. Its sleek
body achieved
a beyond amazing penetration coefficient
of only 0,20
. A figure that already if it is a record,
especially if we take into account the era in which it was designed,
when the computational fluid dynamic didn’t exist in the
dreams more advanced engineers. Your silhouette is sculpted
directly by the wind, as some vehicles cazarrécords of
middle of the last century, although in the case of “La Principessa”
find a profile quite sharper than these.

silver Fiat Abarth getting the records of 72 consecutive hours to a
average 186,687 km/h, the 12-hours at an average speed of
203,656 km/h, 2,000 miles at an average of 201,115 km/h, 24 hours
continuous to an average of 198,795 km/h, 5,000 kilometres in a
average 199,238 km/h, in addition to the 5,000 miles at an average
of 192,878 km/h, 48 continuous hours with an average of 190,264 km/h
and the above-mentioned 10,000 kilometers with an average speed of
191,376 km/h.
a total of nine marks of continuous speed, for a
vehicle that had the chassis and mechanics of a small

the model has been hidden to the eyes of the public, except
with the only owner it has had in decades. Which was not
up until last year 2015 when it allowed the photographer Piotr
Degler will conduct a photo session at the sharp cazarrécords.
For now put it up for sale in auction events Pebble
Beach. Although it seems a lie,
the model has not provided ever
no work of restoration
, so that in addition to impeccable,
it is also found in a state absolutely original, both of
frame and mechanical. Which is not usual in models of these

condition unique piece, with a rich documented history, in addition
its incredible original condition, untouched since it was
assembled your voluptuous aluminum body, make a
piece of immense value,
there who do not have an estimated price.
Anyone who is interested should contact the department of
historical vehicles of Gooding and Company to request
estimate, although some media claim that their price can
be hovering around the million and a half euros.


just last month of may appeared another rare gem of Abarth, prototype development of the Lancia 037 Rally, a model that has not reached its reserve price on your auction in Monaco and was again in the hands of its current owner.