It is about a revolution in the future Series 1 and 2 of BMW


The BMW Compact Concept ahead of the new sedan Series 1

the arrival of The 2-Series Active Tourer and subsequently of the second generation of the crossover X1 has been assumed the input of the front wheel drive platform of the range BMW. So-called UKL, is used to give shape to the full range of MINI and from 2014, several models of segments under the catalog of the firm of Munich.

This platform is created exclusively to place the engines in a transversal way, so that except for certain versions of the all-wheel drive, all models created on it will have front-wheel drive. This type of architecture collides head-on with the traditional image of a BMW, strongly positioned in the side premium each segment takes, and that historically has always opted for the benefits of the traditional layout, front engine and rear wheel drive.

This is for the fans more purists of the brand a symbol, as much or more than the ‘Hoffmeister Kink’, the termination in the angle that they have all the BMW at the base of the stud C.

and the arrival of some models based on the platform used by the MINI can seem a sacrilege, but as we will see in this analysis, it is absolutely necessary.

Away from what may seem, the use of this platform is not accidental or a lot less will be anecdotal. Will be the cornerstone of a whole new generation of models, called to revolutionize the basis of the catalog of BMW and that will significantly expand the presence and especially the competitiveness of BMW in a sector of the market that moves in a lower price so that require policy costs and economies of scale very well structured.


The hybrid version of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is the last alternative presented.

The station wagons of the Series 2 and the recently-launched X1 only have been the first of a new and complete range of BMW front-wheel-drive, framed between the segments B and C of europe”, will have up to five types of models that different, from suvs to coupes.

Currently it’s just a rumor that many fear, but, as we have been able to find in, every BMW that is positioned below the current 3 Series will be based on the above-mentioned platform UKL and therefore will lose the rear-wheel-drive in favour of the architecture of transverse engine and therefore, front-wheel drive.

today BMW already has several of these models competing in the C-segment, the most contested in Europe, with the current compact of the 1-Series and its derivatives coupé and cabrio so-called 2-Series, in addition to the crossover X1 and the 2 Series MPV battle long and short. If these already come with this platform, the first still have rear-wheel drive, that they will lose when they get their replacements from 2018 and 2020 respectively.

In fact, when BMW presented the M2, one of the data that gave the makers of the brand to the media was the completion of the manufacture of the model, in 2020, the year in which it should be ready the successor of the 2-Series coupe today and that will no longer have the traction to the rear wheels.

the new range is equipped with engines cross will continue to be formed this summer, with the arrival of the new BMW X2 coupe version of the X1 that will be presented in brief, and above all, the project’s utility that I talked about few days ago and that means baptized years ago as a Series of 0. This project, far from being merely a rumor fueled by the executives of the brand a few years ago or an educated guess, is a real alternative, on which he has been working on BMW these years.


Render speculative the new BMW 1-Series subcompact

Although there are no details known of the model, this would be created also on the platform UKL, as the MINI, and would be responsible of expanding the range down. Doing to enter BMW in the B-segment, where they already compete against their more direct rivals such as Audi with the A1 and the Group Daimler with the Smart ForFour. Materialize this project, the earliest date in which it would be born in the fall of 2017, with a possible presentation at the IAA show in Frankfurt 2017.

With this model will complete the five types mentioned above: subcompact, compact, minivan, crossover and coupe, the latter also in body cabrio. A whole range of models framed from the B segment to the C in Europe, creating virtually a new range of vehicles that will share most of its technical elements, which will allow BMW to have some economies of scale are more sustainable and able to compete with more chances of success.

To these are added models intended for other markets, such as China, where we have X1 long wheelbase or the imminent sedan, which was presented in the form of conceptual some months ago and that could have as a destination other western markets.

materialize this planning models in the next three or four years, we wouldn’t have only a huge variety of models on the basis of the catalog of the German mark, until recently only occupied by the 1-Series hatchback. In addition, probably the signature would have to restructure its system of classifications, something that, precisely because he has been doing for a few years, as an example the recent Series 2 and Series 4.

The arrival of a utilitarian be a problem within the current structure of denominations by Series that employs the signature, since or would be born with a name, to supplement the name 1-Series, as I already use BMW with the 3 Series Compact in its day, or the successor to the 1 Series hatchback today would be called Series 2. This new Series 2 would apply to both bodies, compact 3 and 5 doors that will be born in a few years, in addition to versions, estate and coupe existing.


Render of the back view of the new utility of BMW

All of them would belong in the C-segment and MPV current already have the names the Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, to be distinguished from the variants coupe and cabrio today.

Although these name changes are just for the moment conjecture, that we can only check in the case of BMW’s early departure to the lengthy project of the utilitarian model, which as we have already mentioned, as very soon it is a year view approximately of see the light.