It is not a mountain goat, is a Fiat 127 that goes where the SUV does not come

Let’s be frank, fashion of the SUV is a fad. Some 40 years ago it was not necessary to have an off-road vehicle to navigate tracks, roads and broken terrain. Any utility was able to do it, without the need of deals of traction electronic or pneumatic off-road. When Fiat launched the 127, wanted to send a clear message to the public: is as capable off the bitumen as in. And to prove it, he hired a specialist to give us a breathtaking display of jumps, drifts and stunts vintage.

In Spain, the Fiat 127 was manufactured under license. The SEAT 127 was essentially a car identical.

The video was published by the Centro Storico Fiat, which has rescued this promotional clip of their files, and has posted on YouTube for our enjoyment and joy. At the time, the stuntman Rémy Julienne piloted a 127 through forests, jumping on the field and practicing skidding inverse. Clearly knew what he was doing, and from our point of view we were amazed with how well it holds the 127 these stunts. Possibly had received some kind of reinforcement mechanic.

the scene of The train is quite impressive. 127 circulates above a train car transporter in motion, jumping on every wagon and leaping into the moving train to end the promotional clip. Definitely, they don’t make ads like the old. Mainly because this ad goes against any notion of road safety and would be considered as reckless driving by any force of order. Definitely, we live in a world too politically correct.

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Source: Jalopnik
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