It is not called SEAT Tecta, shall have the name of a Spanish city. How will be called the SUV of SEAT?

The SUV from SEAT will be presented at the Geneva motor show, and although AutoBild leaked that would SEAT Tecta, several sources have refuted, confirming that will be city name Spanish. This endearing tradition goes back decades and decades ago, and makes us think about what name SEAT will will be your first SUV dedicated. Already they have had “attempts” SUV such as the SEAT Altea Freetrack or the SEAT Leon Xperience. Now I ask you: what is the name of a Spanish city would you give the first SUV SEAT.

SEAT always (with few exceptions) has put names of Spanish cities to their cars: Leon, Altea, Ronda, Malaga…

What criterion will choose a SEAT for your first SUV? It will be a best seller, which will be sold also in Europe in good numbers. It may not be a city with too much its own entity, such as Madrid, Seville or Barcelona. Not a name-complicated or unpronounceable. You will have to be short, that evokes dynamism and adventure. Go, there will be a SEAT Magaluf or a SEAT Cangas do Morrazo. However, a SEAT Pomegranate or a SEAT Jaca yes I see them more possible. Really, is in the hands of your marketing department.

Seat 20V20 ConceptSo we ask you, our reader. What name would you give that will be the first SUV SEAT?

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