It is not doubt that Toyota wants to produce the C-HR: the ultimate test comes from the hand of Scion

Toyota wants to take the production to the Toyota C-HR, has left us his intentions clear on a number of occasions and if you had any doubt, the japanese firm has re-submitted dress on this occasion of Scion.

View it as a Scion makes us imagine it also being sold in the united States:

Scion is the brand of approach youth from Toyota for the united States. Among his models we find the FR-S (GT 86) or the iM (Auris)

Scion, the signature of Toyota’s approach more youth to the united States, has been presented cosmetic changes minimum to a Scion C-HR that not only confirms his arrival in production, but also underpins the fact that what we will see on the other side of the Atlantic, in the united States, marketed as a Scion.

let us Remember that after these steps of wheel oversized, after that futuristic look, is the new platform TNGA (Toyota New Generation Achitecture) and that between your range mechanical’s no shortage of options hybrid.

According to the latest rumors in the Geneva the next year, in march, we will see it become a production model, with a design anti-aliasing, with 5 doors… maybe before the end of 2016 we will see this new SUV compact on the street.


New gallery of images of the Scion C-HR