It is not easy to control a muscle car of the 8,000 horsepower of power [video]

Australia, a great nation. Not only because the barbecues are traditions of weekend socially accepted, but by their culture automotive. The muscle car and V8 are equally as traditional in the united States. It is in Australia where some loons decided to install an engine of a dragster Top Fuel on the shell of a Holden Monaro. Little remains of the muscle car series. The V8 engine of a dragster Top Fuel are fed alcohol, they have about 10 litres in the front and develop about 8,000 horsepower. Santa madonna.

8,000 horsepower are unmanageable in any car… unless you want to burn down the wheel like a madman.

The gigantic engine fills the engine bay of the Holden, with its intake coming out above as if from a fireplace were. The car has been used in a show of burnouts in Australia. Has so much ease to burn its giant rear wheels – huge tires drag racing of more than 400 mm section – that has to stop often for the smoke to dissipate. The chassis is bent so as to be visible in every sprint, despite having been reinforced up to the end.

Recall that a dragster Top Fuel is the internal-combustion vehicle fastest on the planet. These dragsters accelerate in a straight line at a pace demon, covering the quarter mile in just over 4 seconds, crossing the finish at speeds exceeding 500 km/h. Snicker to the face of all the hiperdeportivos modern, despite having engines with two valves per cylinder and be unable to make a curve. The combination of an engine Top Fuel and a muscle car conventional is delicious and refreshing. Don’t miss it.

Source: Jalopnik
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