It is rumored a Audi RS6 Allroad and this would be the result

Audi RS6 Allroad 2016 recreaciónyou must Not frighten you, in the end, it would not be the first time. It is rumored that Audi is preparing for the next year an RS6 Allroad, a model of high performance but scope something campero. The SUV came to stay and they have come in sport versions. This is why you should not be afraid to make this a reality. In fact, if you do, you could have the appearance of this recreation.

And what is certain is that firmaríamos by. Although there is nothing confirmed nor do we know what path you could take this new adventure, which should arrive very calculated after trimming models provided for in the VAG group, we would be faced with a family farm with height on high, look more intimidating, and all the strength of the current Audi RS6 in his bowels.

Audi RS6

Audi RS6

DesignRM has dared with the idea, and shows us an Audi RS6 Allroad frankly attractive. It is not too complicated to put a face, as it would bring about a aero kit similar to that of the RS6, but with new fenders plastic on the low. That is to say, it would bring new protections on the bumpers, side skirts and wheel arches.

No shortage either the roof bars or a new set of tires specific to this version. The free height to the floor would be higher, we do not know if the same as that of an Audi A6 Allroad or something lower to increase the dynamic accuracy of the model. In any case, we would be willing to lose some efficiency in the road in front of the RS6 if the Allroad is capable of circulate on some land broken.

the mechanics of The hypothetical Audi RS6 Allroad would be the same block supercharged V8 with 560 horses of power. The all-wheel drive quattro would of series, as it does in the RS6. The arrival to the production of this model should be confirmed or disproved in the coming weeks and reach, could debut in China, one of its potential markets.

Source – DesignRM

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Audi RS6

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