“It is something we do”: Moers mint as the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

Was immediate. With the implementation over the Mercedes-AMG GT (see test of the Mercedes-AMG GT), and more radical, the Mercedes-AMG GT R 2016, arrived immediately the rumors and even official confirmation of the release of more versions derived from the successor to the gullwing, the rival of the Porsche 911’s Mercedes. Now Moers flirts with the idea of a Black Series.

In a statement to Autocar, Tobias Moers, the head of Mercedes-AMG, has pointed out that “the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is a car that we should do” by passing allusion to that his arrival is no much less immediate as it would be presented at the end of the life cycle of the Mercedes.

What can we expect from this Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series?
The pray is easy, a new start to point more extreme, more power, a aerodynamics even more finely tuned, maybe less weight…

Recall that the GT-R has risen to the 585 horses and has a new overhaul that includes details such as wider pathways, more downforce, new elements in carbon fiber…

What will be the alternatives that will Mercedes?
The convertible version, we can take it for granted, maybe an electric version as we saw with the Mercedes SLS?do a version with all-wheel drive?