It manufactures a kart V8 in the style of Mad Max with the Chevrolet Corvette 1984


The only element recognizable are the tires.

The private projects can often be as or more interesting and striking than those created by the departments of development of the own brands. Although in some cases appear to be born more by the chance or the lack of alternatives, as it seems to be on this occasion.

The abomination that illustrate the images is not another thing than a Chevrolet Corvette coupe 1984, corresponding to the fourth-generation sporty, with which their owner has made something that we can only define as kart based on the frame bare of the ‘Vette. After carefully looking at it, we are not clear if you get emotional, or die of rabies, given how extravagant the result.

The result is a roadster completely naked, to which the owner has added a few reinforcing bars in the sides and in the area of the arch of safety, in addition to a few bacquets and new instrumentation, aspect and making very rough, to play with the rest of the vehicle. A sort of Ariel Atom home to the american.


The Corvette is one of those models made the old-fashioned way, your frame and your body are separate elements, so that once disassembled all of the body panels, we continue to have a vehicle that is functional to full. So the transformation that we see in the images is not as complex as we might think. For example, imagine a model of Scalextric, whose body is a mere decorative element that can be removed. Well, basically so is the Corvette that we have in the images, which are recognized only to the tire, one of the hallmarks of the model 84.

Regardless of the aesthetic value, what is true is that it must be quite exciting to be able to drive with a kart two-seater completely open powered by V8 5.7 litre Corvette roaring to within a metre of your face.

if the original engine was not powerful enough or scandalous, the owner has also removed the injection system replacing it by the traditional power carburetors, we assume that in addition to more noisy, surely you have something more than the 205 HP that available serial the V8 L83 General Motors.


The mechanics is completely naked. From the rear is even less recognizable.

the reason that The owner of this Vette has decided to create their own vehicle from Mad Max in the garage is not at all clear, but we assume that it may have been the result of an accident previous. So probably, once with the bodywork in poor condition, the owner decided to create his own personal project rather than repair it.

Reviewing the vehicle data, we found that this suffered just one accident in August of 2006, in the State of New York, so this is probably the cause of this emotional mess.