It nice figure! To 50,000 hybrids sold by Toyota in Spain


Toyota holds more than 50,000 hybrids sold in Spain

10 years Ago it was rare to see a hybrid driving on our roads. Today, however, it has become a common practice. It is undeniable that more and more customers are opting for the hybrid propulsion. There are increasingly more models and brands which are launched to the sale of these vehicles, however one was the first, and this is why now we celebrate the more than 50,000 hybrids sold by Toyota in Spain.

today the market of the hybrids is between a 1.4 and a 2.2% of total sales. It can be an insignificant percentage, but keep in mind that in 2000 alone there were 11 hybrids in Spain, 11 were Toyota Prius, the true precursor to this technology and this year has been presented for its renewal.

If we talk about hybrids, there is talk of Toyota, like Lexus, which this year celebrated 10 years of the first hybrid launched in our country. Between both brands have reached the round figure of 50,000 units powered by a hybrid system in our country. A figure that will be extended.


The new Prius will soon be on the market

As we have already told you the percentage of hybrid units sold has not done more to grow. Year-to-year Toyota has been increasing to the pair their share of the market, from 0.05% in the year 2000 was passed to a 1.2% in 2005, to a 11,25% in 2010 and 26.4% in what it goes of year. A gradual growth thanks to several factors.

The first of these is the evolution of this system. The innovations have allowed generation to generation hybrids are getting better. The second of them is the expansion of the range. The first to arrive was the Prius, but is that to day of today, Toyota has several models, like the Auris, Yaris and more recently the Toyota RAV4 2016.

we do Not be surprised if in a few years we are talking about a figure much higher. If the trend is that it is, the hybrids will be formed as the main bet of mobility sustainable compared to traditional systems, such as gasoline and diesel. Congratulations to Toyota and Lexus and many more.


The hybrid range of Toyota has not done more to grow