It polishes the ABT Audi S3 and carries it to the 400 horses

ABT vitaminar in their exercise of each and every one of the models in the Audi range, presents a new preparation intended to considerably increase the power of Audi S3 sedan leaving us with a small authentic saloon very high flights.

This preparation leads propeller four cylinders and two liters of displacement until 400 horses from the original 300 horses passing also increasing torque from 380 Nm to 480 Nm also offering a more moderate preparation with 370 horses and 460 Nm.

According tells the preparer the increase in power comes from the hand of rescheduling ECU and a new exhaust system .

In addition to this twist of the control unit and new exhaust system we have a new partner stabilization to the front axle and the rear axle chassis completing a catalog of tires ranging from 18 to 20 inches.

Aesthetically ABT he returns to prudent and presents a new front grille and a new diffuser back as primary keys also introducing a new Mouse new start button and a new illuminated door thresholds .

Gallery Audi S3 Sedan prepared by ABT

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