It ran out of paper, arrive to the user manuals with augmented reality

Manual de coche realidad aumentadacars come with a instruction manual. And it is not so obvious. Many users neither read it nor know that it exists, that’s why Hyundai has released a user manual virtual, perhaps to provide the things the customer feels identified with the new technologies. It is based on the augmented reality, and with a mobile device, we can find out what each button and element of our car in an interactive way.

The augmented reality is a technology that is gaining strength in the automotive world. Jaguar wants to implement to enhance safety, eliminating blind spots as the A-pillars or the doors, but also to guide us through GPS. Hyundai is going the other way, to make easier the life of the client through something that a few will be missing, your smartphone or your tablet.


The Hyundai Virtual Guide is available for the Sonata in the united States, but there is no doubt that you will reach more markets and more models. One of its main features is the inclusion of up to 6 3D images that we can use with the technology of augmented reality. With the camera of our device pointed at the car we can see what each one of the things that we see.

For example, we can open the hood and to know, just point your device towards the motor, where is the coolant tank or the dipstick to look at the oil level. In the same way, in the interior we can go “sweeping” the dashboard with the app and discovering what is in each item.

Manual de coche realidad aumentadaBut don’t stop there. With Hyundai Virtual Guide, we have access to several interactive videos, a kind of manuals that show us how to use some of the elements of our car. For example, in the part of the engine, we can select the air filter and shows us through the various steps on how to do to replace it.

Logically, in addition to the augmented reality and video tutorials that offers the application, it behaves as a traditional manual. There are different pictures that show different areas of the car and its function, in the same way that there are explanatory text on the equipment, the engine or the witnesses that might appear on the box.

Hyundai says that a good part of the users are looking for or trying to dispel your doubts directly on the Internet, and offer an application of this kind is a good idea. As, in addition, it is interactive, it is a great opportunity to get to know the car from a device that almost always travels with us, the smartphone or the tablet. Incidentally, we forgot the manual in paper, which, apparently seen, it occupies only egg in the glove compartment.