It shows something more of the Opel GT Concept in the second teaser

Opel GT Concept teaserMade just a week announcing the arrival of the Opel GT Concept, the new prototype sports car of the German brand that will make its debut next month of march, in the Geneva. In the first advance was not showing much, but today we get the second teaser to put a little bit of light on this issue. Opel has released a short video and an image showing some of the new GT.

The video is less revealing, reappears Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of the brand, saying verbatim: “Opel it has been reinvented. Don’t miss the next thing that will happen”. With this open end to increase the expectations of seeing the next advancement and also background you can see a little bit of the front the new prototype.


As you can see the front left to see a sports lines accented by LED daytime running light. It also appears the emblem “GT” appears in the front of the fin on the side, but without a doubt what draws more attention is the tire of large size enhanced by a tire that looks red in color. It is a tribute to the motorcycle Opel Motoclub 500, 1928.

in Addition, it has released the image that leads this story, which clearly shows the output of dual exhaust that will take this GT Concept. Is seamless in the rear bumper and highlighted by the inscription “GT” located between the two outputs. In terms of design, the brand alludes to the Opel GT Experimental, which was presented at the iaa in Frankfurt in 1965.

Opel GT Concept teaserhas made this allusion to the aesthetic retro and minimalist because of that the Opel GT Concept will lead to a change in the design language of the brand. Now we can only wait to see if there is a teaser before they see their final appearance in Geneva. Well, there will also be waiting to find out if Opel are encouraged to take it to the production later.

Source – Opel