It sparkling! Why two of every three new cars sold in Norway are hybrid or electric?

Or at least, it has happened in the past month of march. The cold nordic country, Norway, has just 5 million inhabitants, and one of the GDP per capita highest in the planet. Their revenues depend in large measure on its natural resources – fishing, oil, lumber – and is one of the countries with the highest environmental consciousness in Europe. The cars of internal combustion are heavily taxed, while the electric and hybrid are given subsidies and incentives to the purchase. Two out of every three cars sold are already electric or hybrid.

why it sold so many electric cars in Norway?

Norway wants to the year 2025, all new vehicles sold in the country does not issue even a single gram of CO2.

The Norwegian market is small: in march sold only 13.875 cars, while in Spain it is sold close to 100,000 units, without going any further. But of these nearly 14,000 cars, to 3,400 cars were hybrids, 2.600 were electrical and 2,000 were plug-in hybrids. An impressive figure. Norway is one of the markets favorite of Tesla Motors in Europe, and is the european country where more Nissan Leafs have been sold. The key is the state support to efficient vehicles, and the large tax burden to the internal combustion engine.

subaru_art_noruega_inst_dm_1taxes on conventional cars are calculated on the basis of its capacity and size, and in some cases, can exceed 100% of the value of the car. In addition, the VAT in the nordic countries is 25%. The fuel nor is it all cheap: although it is an oil-producing country, are heavily taxed, and the gasoline is sold at about 2 euros per litre. As in other european countries, there is also pressure for the hire of an internal combustion engine – especially the diesel – leaving the centre of the cities.

Also for access to the centre of Oslo it is necessary to pay a toll. All of these restrictions go away with electric cars – and plug-in hybrid, to a lesser extent. If you want to know more, check Steam, where we have posted the testimony of a Spanish living in Oslo, and driving in a habitual way, Tesla Model S P85D.


6 reasons why Norway is the paradise of electric cars

1) do Not pay a toll for access to the cities. Oslo has a rate of 3.30 euros, which must be paid for access to the centre of the city.

2) do Not pay tolls on highways, bridges or ferries. In a country with hundreds of islands and thousands of kilometers of roads, it seems like a detail to take into account.

3) Can circulate through the bus lane freely. This arrangement may soon end, as the bus lanes start to fill up of private cars.

4) The electric not to pay taxes. At the time of purchase, or even pay VAT. An internal combustion car has a lien may exceed 100% in some cases.

toyota-prius-plug-in-2016-015) they Have a multitude of stations, free of recharge. Many of them are quick, and brands like Tesla have installed a multitude of Superchargers throughout the country. The electricity is subsidized if it is used to recharge an electric car.

6) do Not pay for regulated parking. do Not pay the blue area in cities such as Oslo or Bergen. In cities like Madrid happens the same, what has allowed the explosion of services such as car2go.

of course, all these advantages will disappear with time, when the number of electrical exceeds or equals to the number of vehicles of internal combustion. Until then – at least until the year 2017 – Norway is the paradise of the electric and hybrid vehicles.

Source: Dinside Motor
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