It Volvo Terror has returned! The tractor most badass in the world is back to frighten the Swedish countryside

a few years Ago we talked to you about the Volvo Terror. It is a tractor turbocharged high-performance. An agricultural machine that began its existence as a Volvo BM Terrier and now in his old age received a high-adrenaline… in the shape of the engine B21ET of a Volvo 240. An engine of 2.1 liters of a series I was delivering 157 HP, but that has been massaged by a system of turbocharging more powerful. The result is a tractor capable of burning wheel as if there was no tomorrow.

Volvo Terror, a game of words with their original name, Volvo Terrier.

Because no one expects to see a tractor to behave in such a way. In the video it shows us aggressive, making use of the series system of these tractors, which allows braking independently of the two drive wheels in the rear. A system designed to maneuver in and out of complicated zones, now used for burning wheel indiscriminately. What continues to amaze is its immense power, possibly much higher than the 157 HP engine serial.

To move similar wheels with this agility need more than 150 HP. In the video, even the driver causes a vehicle rollover in a “tongue-in-cheek”. The other members of the team to get it back to its wheels with no damage whatsoever. Advantages of using an agricultural vehicle. Then we leave the video where you can see it in action.

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Volvo Terror, a tractor turbo come in from the cold

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