It was crazy! Carlex manufactures a Skoda Fabia that can rival a Bentley


no, it is Not a prototype, this Fabia is real and yes, it is absolutely no exaggeration

The Skoda Fabia is a great utility. An ideal car to use day-to-day, to go to and from work or for many things that you may occur. And that is the grace of the little Skoda. But the truth is that this is not known for being the more refined of the world, or at least not until now, that Carlex has had a hand in the leaving absolutely stunning.

And is that Carlex is one of the manufacturers of interior most recognized in the world of customization. Accustomed to the best cars of the old continent, such as Ferrari, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Porsche or Mercedes, we imagined which was his face of amazement when you encounter a client that required such work to a car like the Fabia.

to the effect That we don’t have anything against Skoda Fabia, to the contrary. We have already tested and we liked it, but to be honest, the customization work has been worth more than the car itself. Not have been revealed by data, but what we imagine. Without a doubt the Fabia and the Skoda more luxurious than pisa the face of the earth.


by way of gift, the guys from Carlex have presented to your special client a bag to play with the car

And is that the preparers have been ordered to meet the demands of his extravagant and wealthy client. All the interior has been lined in the best leather, and not just the dashboard or the seats, but also trim, doors, gear knob, steering wheel… yes, for some strange reason has decided to leave the panel series of the dashboard.