It was crazy! How much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 1,200 HP and 415 km/h?

As you may have imagined, driving a Bugatti Veyron is not within the reach of any. In fact it is at the reach of very few. We talk about a sport that, in the versions that shut down their production, the Super Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse, exceeded two million euros. With these astronomical figures, it is reasonable to imagine the tax that will be taxed to its acquisition, and that the cost of their maintenance will be entirely far-fetched. And that is precisely what you asked the author of this video, riding around in the Veyron from a friend and seeing some dealers California.

Between VAT and Registration Tax, when you purchase a car in Spain will be taxed between 21 and 35,75%.

When buying a car in Spain, you’ll be paying between 21% and 35,75% in concept of two taxes, the VAT and the Registration Tax. The latter necessarily dependent on the approval of CO emissions2 of our car. For a utility efficient you will not need to pay Registration Tax, while a Bugatti Veyron, and almost any other supercar, is taxed with a 14,75%. Think that in a sport as a Veyron Super Sport, with a base of more than 2 million euros, you will have to pay more than 700.000€ just on taxes. And that which even we have taken into consideration the road Tax, that depends on the city in which you register the vehicle.

the author of The video, he recalled that in California the owner of a Bugatti Veyron like this would pay 320.000 $ (290.000€ at the current exchange rate) to register your new sports. that sumémosle insurance policy. Find an insurer willing to take charge of a Bugatti Veyron is not simple, as it is to imagine that the annual dues are much higher than the price of buying a premium saloon the well equipped kitchen.


A set of tires Bugatti Veyron cost as much as a Porsche 911. And Bugatti recommends that you replace tires every three tire changes.

to Replace the tires of a Bugatti Veyron costs a whopping $ 30,000 (over 27,000 euros at the current exchange rate). And that’s not all, Bugatti recommends that every three changes of tyres is replaced by a full tires. A set of tires costs $ 120,000 (108.000€ at the current exchange rate). That means that for each replacement tire that you make in your brand-new Veyron you have to pay the same as for purchasing a Porsche 911 Carrera completely new.

why is it necessary to replace the tires every three tire changes? Bugatti encourage this practice by the use of a special adhesive on the surface of the tire in contact with the tire. This adhesive has a function that is not trivial, to ensure that the rim and the tire to remain always in contact, and that the huge torque on the shaft to avoid a situation so disagreeable as to make the tire and the wheel does not rotate at the same speed.

Bugatti also strongly recommended to make at least an annual review of each Veyron, which is 30,000 dollars (more than 27.000€). The mere fact of having to replace the oil since there is already a bill of $ 20,000 (18.125€). Luckily Bugatti offers a warranty and maintenance current by 50,000€ includes – in addition to the repair of parts under warranty – all maintenance work that requires the Veyron during the first three years.

Impressive, don’t you think?

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