It was crazy! This Nissan GT-R – rear-wheel-drive – has beaten the record of the slide faster, 304,96 km/h!

What is the highlight of a skid, that drift that would say the anglo-saxons? It occurs to me the angle of rotation, the duration and the speed. And it is this last aspect, that of speed, which has led to Nissan, and the driver Masato Kawabata to break a record is really amazing, the powerslide fastest ever recorded by a sport. And has been the Nissan GT-R, sports of worship where you, the candidate to beat a record of a skid that reached neither more nor less than 304,96 km/h. A madness sponsored by the new Nissan GT-R, although with a preparation that carried his power up to the 1.380 CV.

This Nissan GT-R was prepared with 1.380 HP and rear wheel drive.

Nissan was proposed to beat the Guinness World Records to coincide with the presentation of the latest iteration of its sporty top-flight, the Nissan GT-R MY2016. A sport that in this test had trick. According to Nissan, GReddy took care of to prepare it to achieve the 1.380 HP of power and send all its power to the rear axle. Recall that the Nissan GT-R is equipped with a awd system based on an architecture atypical, of a front-engine, a gearbox plant, and two transmission shafts, one to the rear axle, and another return to the front axle.

Sincerely, and after having experienced the benefits of this awd system, it makes me very difficult to imagine a Nissan GT-R rear-wheel drive, and even less with 1.380 HP.


The record was achieved 304,96 km/h, beating the previous record of 217,973 km/h and with an angle of 30°.

Masato Kawabata, champion Drift Japan, had the support of GReddy and NISMO, the sports section of Nissan. The certification of the record has been held these days in the International Airport of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates. Perhaps as an extra wink to your clientele in the middle East.

The previous Guinness record of what had marked the Polish Jakub Przygónski, who managed to skid to 217,973 km/h in the Airport Biala Podlaska near Warsaw. Nissan had been proposed to overcome the 300 km/h, and succeeded in reaching 304,96 km/h with a drift performed with an angle of 30 ° , with three attempts possible, imposed by the organization of the Guinness World Records.

According to Nissan, this GT-R not only had a power kit, and a radical modification in the transmission, but also tires RAYS specific, and tires Toyo Tires drift.

it Now only remains for us to say that we hope that very soon see the video of how you achieved this feat. Don’t you think?

Source: Nissan
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