It will be difficult for us to see a second generation of the Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ 2017The Subaru BRZ is one of those cars that, without the use of an engine of enormous figures of power, is capable of transmitting sensations of a real sports, what makes a car special enough. Your price is not excessively high, as costs little more than € 30,000, but his low versatility with a rear seat virtually non-existent and a trunk that does not reach the 250 litres, we subtract many points.

For a similar price there are sport versions of compact, such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which have a power very similar, or even higher, and that result a lot more multi-purpose and usable in the day-to-day. With a car like the Subaru BRZ, or its cousin, the Toyota GT86, practically we are forced to have another car at home more.

compact sports do not arrive to deliver the same sensations, but their best features in terms of livability and comfort tend to have a lot of weight at the time of opting for a type of car or another. The mixture of high sensations and benefits with good habitability and load capacity it covers perfectly the Subaru WRX, so customers with a purchasing power relatively high prefer to make the jump directly to the sports sedan of the brand.

Subaru BRZyou Just need to take a look at the current figures of sales in our country: in the first eight months of 2016, it’s only sold 9 units the Subaru BRZ and 21 of the Toyota GT86. Perhaps in another era, this type of vehicles had studded to perfection, but today it is very difficult for the brand to monetize a model of this type.

The director of Subaru Australia, Nick Senior, has recently stated that has not seen a second generation in the list of planning products, but that has been talked about it.

Another point that does not help to the production of a future Subaru BRZ second generation is that the japanese brand has intended that all its upcoming products are built on the same global platform. A platform that would have complicated the adaptation to a concept similar to the current athletic propulsion in the rear and contained dimensions.

Subaru BRZ 2017on the other hand, there is the option of engineering as the turn Toyota with a new GT86, but are currently immersed in a project much more exciting, as it is the revival of the Toyota Supra in collaboration with the germans from BMW; so that would also be complicated if you try to take that direction.

we don’t want to be pessimistic, and we would love to return to see the launch of the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86 in the second generation but, honestly, today, seems quite complicated.

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