It without fear of anything! Albert Llovera and his Dakar 2016


Albert Llovera Massana is a hero. And it is not for being a pilot a paraplegic able to compete in the Dakar and the World Rally. No. Albert Llovera is a hero, to become an example of overcoming, by demonstrate that there is nothing impossible and, above all, by converting a fateful day in 1985 at the starting point of a thousand and one adventures that many others do not dare to dream. Precisely your last challenge will be to compete in the Dakar in a truck. Almost by surprise, Albert Llovera announced that he will drive a Tatra of the team Bonver Dakar Project.

Albert Llovera has not felt fear of the Dakar and has played on three occasions. In 2007 and at the controls of an Isuzu D-MAX GT, the andorran had to leave. That did not detract cheer, and after you develop a piloting system perfected and a cushion adapted, was released at the raid more hard of the world with a buggy from the team of Nasser Al-Attiyah. The qatari was unable to avoid the illusion of Llovera and we ‘borrowed’ a Buggy Optimus MD, which also had to drop in 2014. the third was the charm, and in 2015 managed to finish the Dakar rally in 41st place.


Albert Llovera had fulfilled one of its major objectives, but the
‘bug’ of the Dakar already had chopped in an irremediable way. Only
so it could be explained that the pilot andorran decide to take the step and
compete in a truck. Will be in a Comes with Renault engine 920
. The team Bonver Dakar Project had been without a pilot and
Llovera was not a project of a firm to compete in the Dakar 2016.
White and in bottle. For this new challenge -which reaches its 50 years – with
this mastodóntico vehicle 8,500 pounds, Albert Llovera will have
Charly Gotlib of airbag

Far from frightened, Albert Llovera
overflows ilusió
n the face of this experience: “it’s Going to be an adventure, unpublished
because I’ve traveled very few miles on truck”
. As a true
newbie, the andorran recognizes its limitations, though : “I’m going to have
to search for new sensations and that is never easy. However, as
I’m in a wheelchair, more complicated still life in the
, whatever the vehicle you use. It takes me longer to make everything and
of course, that means that at the end rest less than the others”
Philosophy of life. Albert Llovera never ceases to amaze.