Italdesign Aztec: the spectacular sports series limited Italdesign


Copy currently for sale in Germany.

If you thought that the Zerouno was actually the first model that came to the street under the seal of Italdesign, you were very wrong. there are Already some prototypes signed by Giugiaro enrolled, and even manufactured in small limited series for several years now. A few weeks ago it appeared for sale on a German web the quirky model you see in the pictures. For most young people, this is the Italdesign Aztec, one of the most popular models in the design studio Giugiaro.

The Aztec is a typical product of the eighties, very daring and radical, is like nothing that exists or has existed on the market. So you can imagine what a groundbreaking and spectacular that it was almost 30 years ago.

Until a few years ago, brands and above all, bodybuilders, presented each year spectacular and impossible prototypes (at that time the word concept had not spread even among the Spanish press, so that in our country are called as prototypes to dry). These had more lines that daring, impossible, and the car shows were full of them.


Its silhouette is very complex to describe.

Although prototypes of living are already very old, the first born with the creation of the first departments of design in the first half of the TWENTIETH century, these were a real revolution in the sixties with the arrival of the current design wedge design, the design in the wedge, and its peak was in the decade of the nineties.

Already in the TWENTY-first century, while we are finding a multitude of concepts throughout the year, are neither so numerous nor are they as little posibilistas and spectacular as before.

The Aztec and their extraordinary fig