Italdesign Giugiaro announces a prototype to Geneva


Giugiaro will present a new vehicle in Geneva

Italdesign Giugiaro will submit a new draft within two weeks. The famous Italian designer, gives us an insight with this image, a concept that will be discovered during the Geneva motor show 2016. The image that they have launched little it tells us, except that we will know the day march 1 in his press conference and that will possess a purely Italian as it clears the flag in the body.

The next prototype of the italians has been designed under the baton of Filippo Perini, the new director of the company since September 2015 and former director of design and range of Lamborghini. Recall that recently the design studio was acquired by Volkswagen when its founder, Giorgetto Giugiaro finalized the sale of all of its shares to Audi.

The designs of Italdesign Giugiaro stand out for being very attractive visually dynamic lines and daring with that Italian flair that we like. The last project presented was the spectacular GEA Concept, a luxury sedan of enormous proportions, with propulsion 100% electric and provided technology for driving autonomous. Mounts a system of four electric motors, one for each wheel, whose maximum power of the set is 775 HP.


The GEA Concept is his latest creation presented so far

The unique car, which was caught circulating on the streets of Milan, looks like a design where they have been granted all the attention to the body lines. The headlights are semi-integrated in the body, the glass surface seems to not finish wrapping all around the cabin and the doors open like in a limo without handles to the view. Mounted huge tires 26 inches design a multi-radio.

The technology has a fundamental role in this saloon over 5,3 meters long: it has optical Laser technology and LED, the aforementioned capacity as an autonomous vehicle and a cabin modular that allows different configurations depending on our needs: Business, well-being or Sleep.

The new prototype will leave the bar high with an amazing and innovative combination between design and technology.