Italdesign reveals the latest teaser of its new model for Geneva 2017


This is the last teaser of the model.

Finally, Italdesign has revealed the fourth and final teaser of the model that will be presented in early march at the Geneva motor show 2017. Although this new image is not done to clarify how the model, at least seems to want to give us a good and exciting track on it.

In the image, at a glance, think we see the back of the model, with a large rear wing and what appear to be the buttresses typical of the models of central engine, a hood, horizontal riddled with air vents and can be intuited by a small rear window vertical. This reminds us vaguely of the forms of the Lamborghini Hurricane, with the proviso that this does not actually has buttresses in the rear area.

Perhaps these ways we can be fooled and we are watching another area of the model, but to the naked eye that is what first comes to mind.


The third teaser of the model.

has revealed the brand itself, we are not faced with a simple prototype of a living room, as it will be manufactured in a short series of 5 units. For what surely will be based on an existing model. Since that is the easiest way to do this, recarrozando a new model.

Initially thought to be a production version of the GTZero concept, an electric version based on the Lamborghini Hurricane, but the latest teasers seem to refute this option. Since do not fit in any way with the smooth lines and strokes of the prototype that Italdesign presented in Geneva last year.

march 7 we will know finally the new model of limited series of
coachbuilder Italian, because that is the date of the presentation in Geneva.
For the moment not known more data or specifications of the model,
although we are going for a recarrozado an already existing model,
surely some of the signatures of the VAG Group.