Italdesign unveils new images of its next model to Geneva 2017


The second teaser of the model.

The coachbuilder Italian continues uncovering slowly and slowly the new model that will be presented at the next Geneva motor show 2017, which is held in the swiss capital in march. After the first teaser, released just a few weeks ago, the Italian company has revealed two new images of advancement.

This model is not a prototype anymore, next to the first photograph revealed the coachbuilder confirmed that will be a limited edition model. Although it will be produced in a series of very short, of only 5 units.

Although no one really knows that you are going to present in Geneva, several rumors pointed to a possible production version of the GTZero concept, a spectacular marina with electric base Lamborghini Hurricane. This prototype was presented at the last edition of the same room.


This is the last teaser released for the model.

however, on this latest occasion, it seems that we can already see part of the side of the model, which seems to refute the rumours prior that pointed to the GTZero concept, as its silhouette doesn’t seem to fit with the concept of extravagant aspect shooting brake.

In the last teaser seem to we can see around the side of the model, from a perspective too close, which doesn’t let us to appreciate their true forms. However, in the left area of the image we can find the side, with a waist line very marked and what appears to the support of a few cameras that make mirrors.

In the foreground we find a few gills, which appear to be located to the sides of the hood. These forms do not coincide with the smooth lines of the GTZero, so that more than likely we are looking at a new model, or perhaps the evolution of another existing.


Italdesign GTZero concept of 2016, with base Lamborghini.

According to the company, it is still yet to reveal a fourth teaser, which will be published next week. If on this occasion we have been able to see part of your side, we hope to see more in the next. For the moment, there are no technical data known model, nor even of his own typology.