Italy does not forget Fernando Alonso, and does not understand the statements of Marchionne

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, GP Singapur 2014Italy does not forget Fernando Alonso and do not understand the statements of Sergio Marchionne attacking Fernando Alonso and praising your current driver Sebastian Vettel. The higher echelons of Ferrari does not forgive the march of the Spanish and have begun a battle this year with statements quite a bit of ethical, elegant, and worthy of a brand like Ferrari. In Maranello many do not forget the pilot asturian, but also a sector of the fans want to stop remembering what he did during his stay at Ferrari.

Il Cavallino Rampante has a section of their fans that they are still alonsistas, despite the fact that Alonso left Ferrari to join the ranks of Woking and lead this project McLaren-Honda. Fernando wanted to new air and the hope of being able to be the best team, something that since Ferrari is not guaranteed with the attitude that they had. Now, however, Ferrari has been renovated, has invested more and has recruited new people to work on a more ambitious project that, unfortunately, is enjoying Vettel and not Alonso.

Ferrari SF15-T (Vettel)

From Italy come some positive statements towards Fernando that have been published in The Gazzetta dello Sport: “There is a sector irreducible fans of that remains faithful to Fernando Alonso. Then there is another sector to the rise of new fans of Sebastian Vettel. The expiloto Red Bull has become an idol, but there are still many who feel nostalgia and blame the Cavallino divorce from Alonso. You can’t convince the irreducible, because it will remain faithful to its ideal. That is why the comments of Sergio Marchionne were intended to create controversy.“.

And continue to “Around Vettel has been born as a project of regeneration that was not the case with Alonso. The Spanish lived in an unequal fight with Red Bull, but had no options of redemption because then the mentality and the economic investment that was in Maranello were not the same as today. Seb feels that Ferrari are on the right track and that gives you a serenity that Alonso could not have. […] Are different, especially in personality. Alonso is more emotional, more instinctive, and complicated to manage. Vettel is more balanced and rational. These two leaders, and are demanding, but in a different way. Fernando moved the team the same pressure that was applied to him, I used to use the criticism to motivate them, as it does now with McLaren-Honda. Vettel is the opposite, never let them see your dissatisfaction and inspires peace in the people he works with. Seb is more willing to prioritize the interests of the team, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better team player than Fernando. Alonso was left to the soul by Ferrari and I felt the same devotion to his legend.“.

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