Italy: The Fiat 500X is already among the ten most sold


The Fiat Panda continues as the undisputed leader Italian market , where last April were sold 148 807 units, which means a 24% increase measured on-year.


Fiat-500X E he Italian market is going through a good moment for some months already. Last April, a total of 148 807 units were sold, which marked a increase of 24.1% over the previous year.

Fiat has 5 products among the 10 most sold in Italy.

The increase in demand is directly related to the big discounts proposed by the terminals, something that relates to what happens in Spain, where sales improved hand called PIVE plan, State incentives for the purchase of new vehicles.

The leadership of the Fiat Panda remains unchanged, remaining as the vehicle but commercialized in the last April achievement put 11,845 units, which means more than doubled that the Fiat Grande Punto that sits in second place with 5,516 units marketed.

But Fiat surprised well with the 500X, recently launched a product that has already managed to sneak into the top 10 cars sold in the Italian market, managing to sell a total of 3,256 units . Fiat already accounts for half of the products that are among the Top 10, achieving placing Panda, Grande Punto, 500, 500L and 500X .

sales rank in April 2015

1 Fiat Panda 11,845
2 Fiat Grande Punto 5,516
three Lancia Ypsilon 5,449
4 Renault Clio 4,957
five Fiat 500 4,893
6 Fiat 500L 4,668
7 Volkswagen Golf 4,171
8 Ford Fiesta 3,758
9 Volkswagen Polo 3,468
10 Fiat 500X 3,256





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