It’s no joke: the McLaren F1 Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, sale

41,000 miles traveled are (about 66,000 kilometers), seventeen years old, a unity between 63 produced with standard specifications, the only decorated on the reddish hue of red wine burgundy and two serious accidents behind . Yet you would buy? I’m sure of it. This is the McLaren F1 Rowan Atkinson , actor and comedian best known for his role as Mr. Bean. Actor of that on more than one occasion we talked for their notorious and costly accidents. After enjoying one of the most exclusive sports of the past two decades, Rowan Atkinson has decided to sell one of his most prized machines. Why it has taken this decision? How much pay for it? We’ll tell you then.

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Rowan Atkinson is an authentic quemadillo , who throughout his career has achieved enough to live in a comfortable financial situation to cherish different supercars. Atkinson says that once acquired it for all it meant the McLaren F1 and, today, that this supercar has become one of the most quoted in the auction and a rarity pieces, has decided that It is time that another driver enjoy your machine.

We know that the price reached at auction, according Announces Taylor & Crawley agency that will manage your sales will probably in the order of ten million , a figure with at least one and then seven zeros.



Rowan Atkinson says what he likes of McLaren F1 is its ability to move with relative comfort three passengers while poderte escape a circuit and exceed 200 mph. The Rowan acknowledges having reached 320 km / h with his McLaren F1 and have enjoyed rides him on mountain roads, or even to go grocery shopping. Which in the background honors his owner, who has not held to your machine to a garage or a private museum and was last seen in public enjoying his machine, sometimes very reluctantly, with two really major incidents.

The once known as Mr. Bean recognizes that its best at the wheel of McLaren F1 I lived a few months after receiving it, traveling with her two young children on holiday. Rowan says he was able to adjust child seats, load the luggage on board and go traveling without problems in minutes.

If you want more information about the car or send your bid, you can already contact Taylor & Crawley.

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