It’s not science fiction: this glass becomes opaque, automatically, when you park your car

Who has not been found ever in the predicament of having to hide a browser-laptop, purse, mobile phone, or a tablet device, away from the indiscrete gaze of any thief? The privacy of our cars is very important, but difficult to solve, if by its nature, and the glass surfaces that delimit the passenger compartment, the interior of our car becomes a huge showcase, for all the world. can You imagine a car that was capable of dying, of returning to opaque automatically their windows each time you aparquemos? Because you have to know that this technology already exists, and brings with it a host of benefits that go far beyond security and privacy.

A crystal capable of adjusting its degree of transparency, until it becomes translucent, or even opaque, it is an ideal solution for a car, by issues of privacy, security and energy efficiency.

The degree of darkening of the moons, and the materials used to achieve this, not only can help to hide the interior of our car, but also avoid glare. The prototype Crystal of Intelligent Control that will Continental at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January would be a glass-based sheet special, embedded in the glass, you are able to adjust their transparency by using electrical signals.

This technology could be used, for example, to slightly darken the bezel up front when the sun is low on the horizon, avoiding glare in the driver. But not only that, the solution of a crystal capable of becoming translucent, or even opaque, to the taste of the consumer, is a perfect solution to save fuel, and reduce emissions of CO2.


The Crystal of Intelligent Control offers a very efficient technique to isolate the solar radiation in the passenger compartment, and with it we would get that in summer the temperature on board, either in motion, or while our car is parked outdoors, to decrease. That thermal insulation contributes necessarily to reduce the work of air-conditioning systems, air conditioning, and as a result save fuel.

do And there was nothing like it on the market? Yes, there was. Continental brings a new vision of the idea already found in some high-end car, as the Mercedes SLC (before Mercedes SLK) of the photo above, that have a panoramic roof (MAGIC SKY CONTROL) able to darken, or to let light pass through, at the touch of a switch. A technology that personally we have enjoyed it and have found it really practical.

Continental would have used a solution similar technique, but different, which is not based on liquid crystal polymers. A technology that allows you to hide the passage of the light from the outside, but maintaining visibility from the inside. On the other hand, Continental advocates for applying this solution in the rest of moons of the car, and not only your roof, including the front windshields. In any case, and for the moment, the law only would allow it to be used crystals able to darken the upper area of the windshield, in the area of the shade.

Source: Continental
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