It’s official! A new SUV larger than the Ateca and with 7 seater will Seat in 2018

Teaser del tercer SUV de Seat

Seat has been one of the last brands to launch models of SUV to its range. The Spanish brand is what thought too, but better late than never and the results of sales of the Seat Ateca being most beneficial of what they themselves were expected. Thus, the signature of Martorell also confirmed shortly after the presentation of the Ateca arrival of a SUV urban based on the new Ibiza, the Seat Arona.

The news of the day is that a new SUV, larger the Seat Ateca, will hit the market during the next year, 2018. The rumors and intentions of the brand were fairly obvious, but it has been today when the Spanish company has confirmed categorically. Will be the third SUV model in the range Seat and will be developed on the famous base modular of the Volkswagen Group, the MQB platform, in variant A2.

Teaser del tercer SUV de Seat

The Seat Arona, which will hit the market in the second half of 2017, will be produced at the plant Spanish Martorell, and, as we have quoted, will take the base of the Ibiza. Meanwhile, the new SUV of larger size, announced today is not going to manufacture in Spain, but in the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg (Germany), although your design yes it is taking place in Spain.

The new model will have a cabin five-seater and, optionally, may be installed a third row of seats two more seats. This reminds us of the Skoda Kodiaq, and that is that both models follow the same philosophy. The third SUV, says Luca de Meo from Martorell, “will bring new clients, boost the brand image and will have a significant effect on our ability to generate margins”.

Still don’t know important details as your own name, although it is likely to receive the of any Spanish town, or specifications techniques of the model; but we can verify that the design receives the details typical of the latest releases of the brand thanks to these teasers. It is expected that there are mechanical diesel and gasoline, automatic transmissions and manuals, as well as versions with front-wheel drive and total. We will see if the Seat is not removed shortly after this release your model Alhambra of its products.

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