It’s official: Carlos Sainz Jr., pilot of Renault to 2018

The secret has finally been revealed officially. The driver from madrid, Carlos Sainz Jr., the son of one of the pilots most iconic of our country, will be official driver Renault for the next Formula 1 season.

Still it is not known which team will finish the current season the premier class of motor racing, although everything seems to be with his current team, Toro Rosso.

According To McLaren-Honda-Renault

To get in position, each biker to the championship of Formula 1 can supply to three teams. Mercedes supplies in addition to their team official, the team, Williams and Force India, which benefit from the same engine that the equipment of the motorcyclist.

on the other hand, Ferrari, supplied to the team Haas and Sauber. This last version of the season last year, so he obtains a lower performance with respect to the engines this year. And finally, there is Renault.

The French manufacturer supplies engines to his team principal, Red Bull and Toro Rosso, which have the same engine that the French. The question was to know that would happen to Honda if finally McLaren broke a relationship with them, as Renault could not supply engines to 4 teams at the same time.

The agreement is based on a “we all win”. McLaren will benefit from the Renault engines, the French rider will leave a free slot for the output of Jolyon Palmer will be occupied by Carlos Sainz Jr., and Honda will supply to Toro Rosso, thus allowing to be able to develop a decent engine without letting in ridiculous to McLaren.

Who knows if within one or two years, when Honda reach a competitive level, Red Bull use their engines to have better performance than the French.

One of the biggest winners is Renault. The French have always been comfortable with a Spanish in their ranks. In the era of Alonso, when he won the two world, not only benefit them on the track, but that the French brand became the most sold in our country thanks to the good publicity gained.

The arrival of Carlos Sainz Jr. the main computer will be able to choose better positions, or even to the long-awaited victory, because for the moment, Renault is not to win championships. But even so, it is a very great news, both for the Spanish pilot, as well as for all the racing national.

Source – Motorsport

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