It’s official, Jaguar unveils the final appearance of the E-Pace

it’s official, Jaguar has done his rival for the all the way Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. The triumvirate of SUVs, premium are the main opponents against which he has to fight the new all-English way. But according to their design, quality, range of mechanical and equipment options, surely it will be a tough nut to crack.

The English firm has already filed an official which will be its second SUV, the E-Pace. This model, which measures 4,39 meters long, it is located inside of the range all the way from the manufacturer as the most economical, but this is not a bar to think that it’s a bad product. Upside down, stands out over his rivals in such relevant aspects as design and sportiness.

On an aesthetic level as we have discussed, on occasion, to the forefront of the teasers that have been leaked, that the Jaguar E-Pace it features a design which follows the guidelines marked by the recent commercial launch of the English firm. Unlike the F-Pace, the design of the E-Pace is more muscular because your waist line is higher, which helps some steps of wheel larger and marked.

In the front has a bigger grille and marked, flanked by a few headlights reminiscent of that used on the F-Type. On the side, in addition to the above-mentioned steps of the wheel, you can see how your line of roof downward just about back where we can find the same rear lights from the XE but with a design more ripped and sharp.

All this aesthetic language will be more or less ornate depending on the finish that we choose, because the Jaguar E-Pace will be able to have multiple packages sports. With them you will have specific details that will help you to emphasize one facet or another of this model. The main elements that will change will be your alloy wheels, or different elements of the bodywork painted in specific colors.

If we move to its interior, the Jaguar E-Pace maintains the same aesthetic language that have included the last Jaguar. Its interior has enough space for 5 passengers and has a luggage compartment volume of 557 litres (which can be accessed hands-free). Your dashboard will have a touch screen of 10 inches from which you will be able to manage the infotainment system as well as the various systems and driving aids with that will come the E-Pace.

Among the various elements of comfort and security that will be able to incorporate the new Jaguar E-Pace are the climate control bi-zone, a sound system of higher quality, Wifi connectivity and built-in browser, adaptive cruise control or braking system is self-contained with pedestrian detection. Optionally, the Jaguar E-Pace is able to mount a dashboard fully digital framed in a screen TFT 12 inches or valet parking, among many other optional.

One of the most popular will be the system Adaptative Dynamics. This system of driving assistance will be able to address the driver behaviour for correct the movements of the car body and the wheels, thereby relieving the loads of the suspension and the chassis. Thanks to their work, the suspension will adjust better to different driving situations to improve the agility and driving dynamics of the Jaguar E-Pace.

To finish we need to talk about the range mechanics with which we will be able to acquire the Jaguar E-Pace. As is logical, the model of the English firm will have the family of engines (diesel and gasoline) Ingenium 2 litre turbo with powers that iran between 150 hp and 300 hp. Depending on the chosen block will be able to have gearboxes manual cutting or automatic and 6-9 relations. In addition, the strength of the motors can reach the ground thanks to the traction at the front axle or to all four wheels.

does Your price? It is rumored that will be in the 37 or 38 thousand euros, but surely will rise to several thousand euros when they adornemos with the many goodies that Jaguar will have you prepared.

Source – Jaguar

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