It’s official! The icon Opel GT is back with a prototype that will be presented in a few weeks

we Took time longing for him to Opel to launch a sport of truth, beyond its already well-known OPC. We had time waiting for a sports coupé, passionate, high-flying, the return of the Opel GT. And it seems to be that the expected return is closer than ever. What you will see in the upcoming Geneva motor show is probably the best approximation to an Opel GT that we’ve seen in more than half a decade. Of time will be presented under the name Opel GT Concept, is a prototype. But don’t you be the slightest doubt that this prototype, now yes, with the approval of Opel to reach some day at the dealers.

Of time there are few data that we have about him. Opel has anticipated your presentation, at the beginning of march, with a video and an image of the emblem GT that will look like. The video does not anticipate too much, beyond a message: “we will have to look at It with other eyes.”

let us Remember that the emblem Opel GT dates back to the sixties, when he was born a first sport with four-cylinder engine in the front, and rear wheel drive. The emblem resurgiría in the XXI century with a new Opel GT, this time with a body of type roadster, twinned with the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice in the united States. Since then, we’ve all followed hoping that Opel return to the path of those sports and return to one of the models most passionate of his range.

The video that you see above is the advancement officer of Opel, Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Opel, we anticipate your arrival.

opel-gt-concept-2016-adelanto2This image is the emblem that distinguish the Opel GT.


In the above image, in the eye of Karl-Thomas Neumann, could be solved one of the puzzles that has arisen Opel with this first video, the one of finding a first image of the Opel GT. I’m not very good with riddles, but we sense that it comes to the design of its wheels.

Source: Opel
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