It’s official, the last Dodge Viper will come out of their factory on the 31st of August

Dodge Viper ediciones especiales

From that came to the market the first generation of the Dodge Viper much has changed the automotive industry and the global society. The viper Dodge has been regarded for many years as one of the best sports american. However, the public it seems that he has given back according to how they have been lowering their sales in recent years.

This situation was known in Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) and despite having tried to revert the situation, nothing has been done by save the model. In the middle of last year, Dodge announced that the Viper would cease its manufacture and sale in 2017, and according to statements from Ralph Gilles, we already have the exact date. The designer of FCA have been reported in the Chicago Auto Show that the time chosen to disconnect the respirator is the next August 31.

Dodge Viper

In these remarks he used to say that the production of the year 2017 is already completely sold. In addition, he pointed out, customers who want one will no longer be able to set it in the dealer so that makes it clear that they there is a possibility to order more units. However, that may not be set more units does not imply that you can not buy because there is still the possibility of getting one.

The reason is that many dealers in the country have made the collection of units to increase your stock and this is sure to make a great business with them. All in all, it seems that the Viper seems to have died forever, since your market has been reduced significantly and introducing a new generation to market requires an investment so high that FCA now can not take.

the best of The situation (not for FCA) is the Chevrolet Corvette is just in the market of the great sport americans. Will see if the model of General Motors endure a lot more time in the market or if on the contrary, will disappear as has happened to the FCA.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)