It’s official! The Mission And, the Tesla of Porsche, will arrive at dealers before 2020

As I told my partner David G. Artés from Frankfurt a few weeks ago: Tesla tap, Germany dance. The future of luxury manufacturers passed by cars highly technological, and electrical, by smartphones on wheels, as I said, in those days, the ill-fated Martin Winterkorn, who did not want the dark perspective of the scandal that hovered over their brands aguara the great festival Hall of Frankfurt. And that future is not free anyone, not even Porsche, which officially has just confirmed that the Porsche Mission And, a power inspired by the prototype that you can see on these lines, will arrive at dealers before 2020.

Porsche speaks of the “opening of a new chapter in the history of the sport.” A project that, only at its facilities in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where they are manufactured, will create more than 1,000 new jobs. A project that will require the investment of 700 million euros in its factory, which in the next few years will be expanded with a new line of paint, and a new assembly line, ready for the production of this sporty electric. The assembly lines of engines, and the current lines of stamping of body, also will be expanded accordingly. On the occasion of this launch, Porsche will also expand its facilities in Weissach.

The brand of Stuttgart ensures that they have caught the bull by the horns. To enter fully into the business of the electric, with a model that, in addition to electric, it will be very sporty and, as they say, the most sophisticated in its category.


And how will be the Tesla of Porsche?

Although Porsche still refuses to give too many details its electric future, we have to take into account that the presentation at the iaa in Frankfurt the prototype Mission And was not a siren song. The power with which they want to face a really significant challenge for the brand, will continue to follow the path marked by the Mission E.

let us Remember that it was a four-door sedan and four-seater, something as well as a reinterpretation futuristic Porsche Panamera (dimensions something more contained, above all in length). A sedan design exotic, sporty and futuristic, but above all a system of electric motors with 440 kW (600 HP). Their benefits, of a heart attack, with a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Their autonomy, worthy of a power that is called to fight, you to you, with the Tesla Model S, 500 miles per full charge (able to recharge 80% capacity in 15 minutes thanks to a specific connector of the high-voltage of 800 volts).


Porsche even desmelenó telling us about their capacity to to recharge the batteries by induction, an idea advanced by not far-fetched. At least not so far fetched as the possibility that this car was completely autonomous, capable of moving by its own means, without a driver. What of truth there will come a day when people will buy a Porsche for not driving it?

Source: Porsche
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