It’s official: the MX-5 Italian answer to the name of Fiat 124 Spider

At the Geneva Motor sometimes unknowns are cleared and most interesting stories are revealed. It’s like we’ve known that the roadster that Fiat will launch in joint venture with Mazda will be called Fiat 124 Spider , a name of great historical depth. This twin brother be built in Hiroshima by the newly launched Mazda MX-5 , who will share chassis and possibly – although this is a point to clarify – engines. The head of the doubts about the Fiat roadster has been a very reliable source, a source with Name:. Sergio Marchionne

I think we can assume officer, and if someone is against, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Why Fiat and Alfa Romeo no?

The Fiat 124 Spider was launched in the distant 1966, and eventually sold with engines up to 135 hp. It was designed by Pininfarina.

There are several reasons but the main one is a matter of national pride. Traditionally, Alfa Romeo has always been manufactured in Italy, whereas Fiat or Lancia has production plants in other European countries. Fiat even produce cars in Brazil at a good pace. The Marchionne himself was the one who said an Alfa Romeo car should be made in Italy , an Italian motor. And it seems that has held firm to its principles, as the current range of Alfa Romeo strictly enforced this claim. The Fiat 124 Spider will have Japanese origins, and sell a vehicle manufactured in Japan as an Alfa Romeo go against the values ​​of the brand fetish Marchionne.

The truth is that Fiat did not think officially confirm this model, but to a direct question from the press, Marchionne gave in to the pressure, which means that did not make sense to continue keeping the secret. The less Italian Fiat roadster will be built by Mazda in Hiroshima, on the same floor where the Mazda MX-5 is about to meet a million units produced. It is unknown whether the engines will be shared with Mazda or will be supplied by Fiat, I personally opted for the second option. Its design is yet to reveal, and is virtually free rein to speculation, always enmarcándonos probably a careful design retro touches.

The Fiat 124 Spider will be presented in the coming months at some international auto show depth. We will remain very vigilant.

Source: AutoExpress
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