It’s official: the Nissan Qashqai is the most successful car in the european history of Nissan

Nissan Qashqai was a pioneer. In 2006 was inaugurated the segment of the crossover – so called SUV – with a proposal that drew more those todocamino passenger cars compact. Even though it was only seen with the eyes of skeptical industry, what is certain is that it has been a successful sales incomparable. 1.65 million of Nissan Qashqai of the first generation were manufactured in 7 years of production, and its second generation has managed to become the most successful car in the european history of Nissan. Almost nothing.

In Sunderland will build a Nissan Qashqai every 62 seconds. 58 cars per day, with 1,200 cars per day.

Is manufactured exclusively in the factory that Nissan has in Sunderland (United Kingdom) – soon I’ll talk about – for the european market, and the second generation now carries more than 600,000 units are produced. At the end of February 2016, the Nissan Qashqai has exceeded the cumulative production (2,39 million vehicles) the Nissan Micra, whose cumulative production at Sunderland was 2.37 million cars. The difference is that the Micra was about 30 years in production at Sunderland, the Qashqai only a decade.

nissan_qashqai_DM_mdm_prueba_QM_1From the year 2010, the crossover from Nissan is the vehicle most sold of the brand in Europe, and nothing seems that is going to change in 2016, becoming the leader for the sixth consecutive year. In Spain, is in the Top 5 of most cars sold. We have analyzed the success of the crossover, and we can only reiterate what was said: Nissan has given the formula for success. The Qashqai is slightly larger than a compact C-segment, is wide, spacious and practical. It is not expensive, and in addition has a look very when. Their sales, as certified.

The next year, will begin to occur the Qashqai with a system called Piloted Drive, which will allow it to run on its own lane completely autonomous – in zona extraurbana. The crossover has helped the plant in Sunderland to be most vehicles produced in Europe, followed by the plant of Barcelona – where it is made in exclusive Nissan Pulsar and the vans e-NV200, in addition to the Pathfinder and Navara NP300. In addition to the Qashqai in Sunderland also produced the Note and the Leaf EV.

Source: Nissan
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