It’s official! These are the first images of the new Renault Scénic: more modern, more crossover

Indeed, and as I already we set out yesterday, Renault Scénic 2016 will be present in the next Lounge of Geneva, which will open its doors on the 1st of march. And we already have your first two images, now, official, confirming the veracity of the filtration of yesterday. Renault confirms to us that the Tuesday that comes will be presented in society of its new compact mpv, now in its fourth generation, after twenty years of marketing and close to 5 million units. There is nothing wrong.

The Renault Scénic reaches its fourth generation, after twenty years in the showrooms and more than 5 million units sold around the world.

According to Renault, the aim of this new Renault Scénic will redefine the keys of the tradition of the segment of the mpv. That means taking some risks in terms of aesthetics, look for a new approach, but at the same time not losing by the way the qualities practices expected by the client of a minivan, such as practicality, comfort, space, and livability.

Recall that the Scénic is built on the platform of the new Renault Mégane, which does not cease to be a guarantee in terms of dynamics, technology, interior design and quality of materials.


  • As you may have noticed the huge thing that saves this new Scénic models, such as, for example, the Renault Capture. Like that it is far less casual.

    According to Renault, have played with the limits of the body mpv to increase height free with respect to the soil, reduce the size of the cantilever, to increase the battle and the width of tracks front and rear, and some form of approach towards the design of crossover that is so fashionable these days in Europe.
    The auction end, it offers a body design in two tones, very much in the line of the own Renault Capture, which will increase the possibilities of customization of this car.

    In the next few days you will get to know all the details of the new Renault Scénic.

    Source: Renault
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