It’s the business! 5,000 HP Devel Sixteen are real: thus we atruena your V16 of 12.3 liters and four turbos

a few years Ago we already spoke about the Devel Sixteen. A supercar madness from Dubai, which surprised the world with a power announced 5,000 HP and a maximum speed announced higher than 550 km/h. Crazy arab most, we think. But it seems that its creators are serious, despite the lack of information on the project and its web page. We believe that you are serious because you have just teach us your engine of more than 5,000 HP on a dynamometer, a V16 supercharged by starting quad roaring to the top of our lungs.

The Devel Sixteen, promises a 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds. Traction will be your main problem.

Devel insists that the Sixteen will be the street car fastest ever produced, a car on its way to becoming a legend in the automotive world. A machine is grossly excessive, more like a fighter than a hiperdeportivo. Is more, the definition of hiperdeportivo it is very short. We all had doubts about this project, and this video dispels in part. The manufacturer has contracted with the american specialist Steve Morris Engines for the construction of its gigantic V16.

Steve Morris Engines is a manufacturer of high-performance motors, specializing in drag racing. Have built this engine from scratch, using an engine block machining completely new. It is a gigantic V16 of 12.3 liters and 64 valves, supercharged by four gigantic turbochargers of 81 mm diameter. Blowing to 2.5 bars of pressure and using gasoline of competition of high-octane, the engine is capable of developing 4.515 HP at 6.900 rpm. Its maximum torque is not of this world: 4.768 Nm at 6,600 rpm.

the figures Are more typical of a motor for drag racing that motor on the street, but the manufacturer claims that it is a propellant of the street and its appearance does not look handmade. Their power does not are 5,000 HP announced, because according to Steve Morris Engines, the dynamometer is unable to withstand more power. Impressed I am after seeing on video how to develop that power. Using gasoline 93 octane, and with its four turbos blowing at 1.4 bar, the engine is capable of developing 3.006 HP at 6.900 rpm and 3.260 Nm of maximum torque.

there are Still many unknowns in this project. For example, what chassis will use the car, what transmission or how to pass the power to the ground. Do not speak of a “simple” hiperdeportivo of 1,000 HP, we are talking about a machine with a torque far superior to a tractor and high-performance a power equivalent to five Bugatti Veyron. Not to mention its price, although it is clear that you have no problem in finding customers willing to pay the likely € 10 million may ask for a drive.

The project is not complete, but at least it is taking shape. We will see in what remains of all this.

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