It’s the business! We could see a Citroën C3 GTI

Citroën C3

In the middle of last year, the French brand presented the third generation of your Citroën C3. Completely renovated, the new C3 is intended to call the attention of a public that seeks distinction and, to this end, they emulated the recipe of the C4 Cactus. Looking for a all coast comfort, the new Citroën C3 uses, according to versions, the eye-catching Airbumps that gave so much to talk about when we first saw the C4 Cactus.

Is by its design and setting as urban and sympathetic so that the information that we get we qualify it of “the business”. Apparently, senior officials, designers, and engineers of the brand are studying the possible staging of a version of “hot”, that is to say, a Citroën C3 with an air of GTI whose benefits, without getting to be extremely radical, would be much more sporting than the model from which it derives. Surprising, isn’t it?

Citroën C3

This information has been published by the environment Auto Express, who says (according to statements) that this sport variant of the urban French would be comparable, in performance, the very Ford Fiesta ST. As you may have appreciated, there may be in some contradiction in the information, since on the one hand they want a car comfortable and refined but at the same time a behavior is very dynamic, something very difficult to achieve but impossible? Does the Citroën CX GTi Turbo did not meet in both sections?

Our colleagues tell us that Carlos Tavares, CEO of PSA Group, chatted with them during the last Monte carlo Rally, telling them that Citroën was researching this idea. “There are some plans to improve the mechanics and to go a little further,” he said after being asked about the ambitions of Citroën in the WRC, and the influence it could have on the C3.

Citroën C3

on the other hand, Xavier Peugeot, head of product plans, would have declared earlier that any C3 VTS or GTI should keep in comfort, refinement and practicality typical of Citroën, but insisted that it can be compatible with these values typical of the brand with the sportiness.

what Will Citroën the blender and it will make finally a Citroen C3 sport? The time will tell us.

Source – Auto Express

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